Social Impact Portfolio

Firestarter’s social impact portfolio is guided by the our philosophy on charitable giving and social development. Each project is designed to yield measurable results that align with the social goals of the community. Projects include creative works, activism, and social enterprise. Through the social impact portfolio, Firestarter’s strategists model a path towards lasting, positive change.

Firestarter’s impact portfolio seeks opportunities that generate social alpha, focusing on key areas of social development. Current projects include a comprehensive survey of Houston’s refugee resettlement process, as well as a community fish sales enterprise in Somaliland.

Domestic Work

Firestarter is performing a comprehensive survey of Houston’s refugee resettlement process, in conjunction with a film portraying the many stories of Houston’s refugee and immigrant groups. By developing an end-to-end understanding of the various refugee resettlement organizations and processes, and the gaps therein, Firestarter seeks to provide greater access to these resources as well as identify areas in which additional investment is required to better integrate these communities.

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Global Development

Firestarter is in the process of launching a community fish sales project in Somaliland. Fishing is at the center of a number of key developments in Somaliland, and is hampered by many common issues facing this society. The community fish sales project is slated to launch in August of 2016. Firestarter’s research has identified a number of sectors primed for investment, and is seeking to address a variety of opportunities in the region going forward.  

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